Sunday, August 2, 2009


I recently got to spend an afternoon with my oldest daughter, Dani, and as usual we had so much fun! We don't get near as much time together these days, so each time we do, it is something to treasure. I wanted to go into Oakland to take photos of the Washington Spring and check out the Mountain Fresh Farmer's Market that takes place in the town parking lot every Wednesdays and Saturdays and Dani happened to be home for the day so we made it a mother/daughter adventure.

On the path to the Washington Spring we stopped to explore what's left of the "Gas Cave" of the old Oakland Hotel. It was a grand old hotel that was built by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad back in 1875. The hotel was torn down in 1909 and all that remains, structure-wise, is the gas cave where artificial gas was generated to power the hotel's lights and stoves. As I was taking this picture, though, I realized how prophetic the image is for my oldest daughter. She is a college senior majoring in Psychology and the image above reflects that point at which we all have been and have to go....heading out into that unknown life. But she is so ready, willing and well-equipped!
The Washington Spring was the next stop on the path and, once again, it hit me how it reflected her place in life. Ready to nourish herself and to re-group before traveling on her journey. (By the way, this spring is known for refreshing Gen. George Washington and some of his traveling companions while on an excursion in the year 1784.)
Crossing the bridge (hmmm.....more metaphorical images) back into town, we noticed a little shop and stopped in to explore.

"Hometown Memories" was such a wonderful surprise! We had fun checking out the nooks and crannies of this place! The last place we stopped was the Oakland Train station. We checked out the place where, in many years past, folks would disembark from the trains that brought them to vacation in the mountains of Garrett County. While technology and the changing times have eliminated the passenger trains to the Oakland train station, there is an undoubted atmosphere that tells of the rich history of this and the surrounding area.

Dani and I always have fun when we hang out and usually indulge in a bit of orneriness and this day was no exception.

And we always share lots of laughs.......
Her path is her own to choose, but I think she knows that she never has to travel it alone. She always has her family beside her, in one way or another.
I am so proud of her and all that she has (and will in future) accomplish! And I know that no matter where she goes or what she does, she will do it Dani-style! I love you, Dani-Gurl!